Need for Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Physiotherapy

Volume 1 | Issue 1 | March-June 2017 | Page 6 | Arun Jamkar

Authors : Arun Jamkar [1]

[1] Prof. Dr. Arun Jamkar, MS. Ph D (Surgical Oncology), FICS, FIAGES, FMAS, FAIMER fellow
Ex Vice-Chancellor, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
Consultant, Persistent system Pvt ltd
Director, Post graduate Program, Research and Development, MIT group of medical colleges Pune
Chair National Bioethics Curriculum implementation UNESCO Chair in bioethics Haifa

Need for Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Physiotherapy

I am writing this article to appreciate an idea of having a ‘Journal of Evidence-Based Physiotherapy and Research’. Whole scientific world and literature is moving towards evidence based medicine and a progressive medical branch like physiotherapy should not lag behind.

Let me first evaluate evidence for Physiotherapists as technocrats and healers. Physiotherapists are obviously a glorious part of wonderful world of healing and their channel of healing is very special because it comes with personal and affectionate touch. Physiotherapy is, to my opinion, the first special medical branch, which can be claimed as personalised medicine. They create a specialised and individualised protocol of exercise and techno-therapy suitable to individual patient. It is a titrated protocol depending upon limitation of movement, degree of pain with each movement and other morbidity co-factors. In addition, this titration is indeed a dynamic process and it changes with effectiveness of therapy and obviously to lead the patient to cure and betterment.

In addition to being personalised medicine there is a lot of scope of affective domain as whole cycle moves around pain, which is so natural that at the end, I must say, physiotherapists are the one with maximum Empathy. Being so close to the patient, they can exercise empathy in exercise therapy. At the end when patient attends the goal of locomotion, and other destinations, physiotherapists share smile and happiness that they rightly deserve; because they have cured the patient with personal touch, in touch therapy.

This individualisation, customisation and making it a personalised medicine makes and encourages research potential of the Physiotherapists. All Physiotherapists have maximum competence for observation. It is the core competence for healing. This observational value adds to capacity of research. Our training as Physiotherapist is full of cognitive domain overpowered by psychomotor domain with a lot of equipments. So much so that Physiotherapists can be claimed to be a rare species of Technocrats who are first day ready in professional practice. A medical graduate after passing MBBS can hardly be called as first day ready.

Other strength of Physiotherapists is they have a very high domain expertise in communication skills. May be patients’ take the communication with Physiotherapists very seriously because of pain and limitation that they suffer! Nevertheless communication skills of Physiotherapists need to be appreciated. Communication skills expertise pays them a nice dividend by better patient-doctor relationship. In spite of a violent history of patients against doctors, there is not even single incidence of such backlash against Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapist has to be an expert in handling various equipments for healing. These equipments are not very advanced but microprocessor controlled one would be always better. There is scope for innovations in this domain. All Physiotherapists should consider innovations for better equipments, cheaper equipments and industry will adapt for India, so that Physiotherapy will be cheaper, affordable without diluting excellence. I may suggest using ‘gesture based technology’ for self performing of these exercises with maximum, suitable, adequate performance. Xbox 360 has such software’s available where your positions of exercise can be corrected by this technology. I would encourage Physiotherapists to study this technology, for better follow up of exercise musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

At the end I must say, one needs to love your own branch of medicine, to explore our own competence and to give best out of you for healing of patient. I offer this elaborate evidence that Physiotherapists are individualised, customised and personalised branch of medicine with maximum empathy power to make an ideal healer.

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